Maria & Mihalis

wedding photographer greece maria & mixalis

A wonderful and romantic photoshoot of Maria and Michalis on the beautiful beach in Tabakaria, Chania.

Revive the 80’s

Όλοι αγαπάμε τα 80’s. Να λοιπόν μια ακόμη ευκαιρία για αναδρομή σε αυτή την γλυκιά και όμορφη περίοδο.



Just a photo project with a lot of makeup and harsh light conditions to test our skills.

Capturing the Glow: Maternity Photography Tips

Capturing the Glow Maternity Photography Tips

Capture the radiance of pregnancy with our comprehensive guide on maternity photography tips. Learn how to find the right photographer, plan the perfect photoshoot, and capture timeless memories.