Website Photography

Why is it necessary?

The quality of a photo can make or break the design and overall feel of your website. An impressive center photo on your website will encourage visitors to stay on your site longer and have an overall better experience. Also, photos help improve your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance by helping to create rich content and keep users interested.

Why choose photography for websites?

  • To give a professional and modern image to your customers
  • To increase the trust and credibility of your business
  • To differentiate yourself from your competitors and set your brand apart
  • To improve your message delivery and evoke emotions in your visitors
  • To increase the conversion of visitors into customers


Tips before you start

  • Discuss with the photographer your goals and needs for the photo shoot. Determine the style, aesthetic, atmosphere and message you want your photos to convey. Agree on the method, duration, cost and delivery of the photo shoot.
  • Prepare your products for the photo shoot. Clean them, remove any labels or stickers, choose the right angle and position for each product. Follow the photographer’s instructions and tips to get the best photos possible.
  • Take advantage of the dynamic solutions offered, such as 360° photography, creating HTML5 files, using effects and filters, editing and enhancing photos. These solutions can make your photos more attractive, impactful and functional for your website.

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